Winners 2012

Feature Film under 30min

2,500 Euro donated by X Filme Creative Pool GmbH and X Verleih AG

Die Schaukel des Sargmachers (Elmar Imanov)

The Swing of the Coffin Maker

Feature Film | sehsüchte 2012 | Germany 2012 | Ifs Internationale filmschule köln | 27‘

Jury statement: "The Swing Of The Coffin Maker“ impresses with clear images and a consistent rhythm that leaves the characters enough space and supports the fine acting optimally. The jury awards that the film succeeds to produce a plea for humanity in such an unobtrusive way. 


Vaterlandsliebe (Nico Sommer)
A German Loves His Fatherland 

Feature Film | sehsüchte 2012 | Germany 2011 | Kunsthochschule kassel | 20'

Jury statement:  The honorable mention goes out to „Vaterlandsliebe“ for the courage to confront a very controversial issue in German society. The use of the form of mocumentary is a smart choice since it requires the audience to find a position of their own.

Feature Film over 30min

5,000 Euro donated by the UFA Film Produktion GmbH

Korsoteoria (Antti Heikki Pesonen)
So it Goes 

Feature Film | sehsüchte 2012 | Finland 2012 | 29‘

Jury statement: „So it goes“ is a tragicomical film that is just perfectly balanced in tonality. The biggest achievement of a very self-confident direction is, how much hope and lust for life the viewer experiences in an otherwise cynical storytelling. The sublime ensemble of actors portray their characters with so much humor, dignity and warmth that we don’t want to let them go in the end. The jury wishes for a feature-length entry of that team of filmmakers!

Best Acting

1,500 Euro donated by Studio Babelsberg AG

Korsoteoria (Armi Toivanen)
So it Goes 

Feature Film | sehsüchte 2012 | Finland 2012 | Actress: Armi Toivanen | 29‘

Jury statement: Elli had the jury at hello. The roughness of that character and the boldness actress Armi Toivanen brings to her performance is powerful and fascinating. Elli is not a very sympathetic person, and her social choices are questionable – still the actress manages to make a beating human heart felt. Armi Toivanen creates a believable, layered character the audience can’t help other than to care for.

Best Camera

Rental equipment and postproduction work at a value of 5,000 Euro sponsored by ARRI Media Services

Teardrop (Friede Clausz)

Feature Film | sehsüchte 2012 | Germany/USA 2011 | HFF "Konrad Wolf" | 15'

Jury statement: The cinematography for „teardrop“ convinced the jury not because, but despite of the decision to narrate the story exclusively in a subjective way. To meet an artistic restriction like that in such a flawless quality is not only ambitious but also proves great ability in filmmaking.

Best Documentary under 30 min

2,500 Euro donated by Budweiser Budvar Importgesellschaft mbH

Wir sterben (Josephine Links)
We Die 

Documentary Film]| sehsüchte 2012 | Germany 2011 | HFF "Konrad Wolf" | 14´

Jury statement: Personal, intimate, a film full of poetry and tenderness. Photographed like a poem. Die filmmaker handles the topic „Death“ openly, in a naturalistic and bolstering way. The concept, putting oneself into the cinematic debate with the death of her grandmother, thereby degenerating the level of sound and image, gives the film a particular depth.

Best Documentary over 30min

5,000 Euro donated by rbb Fernsehen

Buy Me! (Catalina Florez)
Buy Me! 

Documentary Film | sehsüchte 2012 | Germany 2011 | Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg | 59'

Jury statement: An old topic with a refreshing approach! The film wins over by its great closeness; camera, editing, direction complete each other in a excellent way. Really impressing was the closeness to the protagonists – without loosing the distance, that means, without being embarrassing, importunate or disrespectful.The film conveys by its clear structure, finds its own and secure rhythm, shows a modern picture language and also a original editing. The editing carries the story in a really outstanding way.  


Yesh Im Mi Lezamzem (Itay Zur)
Someone To Hum With 

Documentary Film | sehsüchte 2012 | Israel 2011 | Sapir Academic College42'

Jury statement: Men and night – the film describes in a very poetic way a bizarre atmosphere, which is hold together by one voice. The film is atmospherical tight, deeply human and in its approach of telling the story very original. 

Best Editing

Editing software Avid Media Composer at a value of 2,498 Euro donated by Avid Technology GmbH

Buy Me! (Kilian Schmid)
Buy Me! 

Documentary Film | sehsüchte 2012 | Germany 2011 | Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg | 59'

Jury statement: The film conveys by its clear structure, finds its own and secure rhythm, shows a modern picture language and also a original editing. The editing carries the story in a really outstanding way. The jury is impressed, in what unconventional and original way editing can be edited.

Best Animation

2,000 Euro donated by the Filmpark Babelsberg GmbH

Flamingo Pride (Tomer Eshed)
Flamingo Pride 

Animated Film| sehsüchte 2012 | Germany 2011 | HFF "Konrad Wolf" | 06`02``

Kuhina (Joni Männistö)

Animated Film | sehsüchte 2012 | Finland 2011 | Turku Arts Academy | 7'18''

Jury statement: The sehsuchte Animation Jury had a difficult time deciding amongst the top three films. As there was no clear winner, we felt it appropriate to award the first prize to both “Flamingo Pride” and to “Swarming”. One film was created by many CG hands, the other in the tradition of hand ‐drawn animation. We applaud all of the filmmakers whose work we had the privilege to see.

Best Music Video

1,000 Euro donated by Red Bull Deutschland GmbH

Alcoholic Faith Mission - Legacy (Bryn Chainey)
Alcoholic Faith Mission - Legacy 

Music Video | sehsüchte 2012 | Germany 2011 | 4‘20“

Jury statement: Spontaneously and unanimous the jury fell in love with one particular video clip. The winner of the category „Best Music Video“ is the clip of the band „Alcoholic faith mission“ with their song „Legacy“. The clip contains everything what a great music video, and in the end also a to good movie needs: a great story, an adorable protagonist and emotional depth, which catches you immediately. A great compliment to the director and hereby also to the winner Bryn Chainey. 

Best Screenplay

Script consulting at a value of 1,500 Euro donated by Script House GmbH & Co KG as well as support at a value of 500 Euro donated by Boje Buck Produktion GmbH

Pauls Alptraum
Gisèle Sabina Mbamu


Jenny Bork

Focus Award “Sustainability”

2,500 Euro donated by the German Bundestag

Behind the Screen (Stefan Baumgartner)
Das Leben meines Computers Behind the Screen 

Documentary Film | sehsüchte 2012 | Austria 2011 | 61’

Jury statement: The film starts with a strong cliffhanger – an analogy between the production of computers and births per second. Not only the movie has been researched really well, but also he tells a story between the first and the third world. The facts have been put into a good cineastic and dramatic concept. He shows the cutting out of nature and human in Africa as well as the absurd economic circuit in Europe.


Energieland (Johanna Ickert)

Documentary Film | sehsüchte 2012 | Germany 2011 | HFF "Konrad Wolf" | 85'

Jury statement: The film is a strong cineastic companionship of a social debate - from the local citizen’s action group into the Parliament -  which is presented very emotionally. Really nice is also how the different school of thoughts are accentuated. The film is exciting, because he accompanies a process up to a temporary close. 

Producer’s Award

Post Production Award: Postproduction work at a value of 12,000 Euro donated by Rotor Film Babelsberg GmbH

Mia und der Minotaurus (Friedemann Goez)
Mia and the Minotaur 

Feature Film | sehsüchte 2012 | Germany 2012 | Filmakademie Baden Württemberg | 35‘

Jury statement: 

The film tells a complex story of sibling love, sacrifice and the power of imagination. The outstanding screenplay switches fluently between the real plot and the infantile world of imagination, which are designed very convincing and consequently implemented. The little hero is outstanding. The producers managed to create a touching film, which tremendous production value outranks the budget. The price is directed to Friedemann Goetz and Christian Hergenröther for "Mia and the Minotaur".

Know How Production Award: Seminar participation at a value of 1,000 Euro donated by Erich Pommer Institut

Kriegerin (Sophie Stäglich)
Combat Girl 

Feature Film | sehsüchte 2012 | Germany 2011 | HFF "Konrad Wolf" | 103‘

Jury statement: The KNOW HOW price is sponsored by the Erich Pommer Institut. Tough, with no compromises, not afraid of anything. This is maybe the most striking German film of this year. It bravely deals with the characterization of the present fascism. With pressure and under the skin going. Against all the oppositions, which this topic brings along, also for its producer Sophie Stäglich, "Combat Girl"  is an outstanding debut for her. 

Best Children’s Film

2,000 Euro donated by the Film and Television University (HFF) “Konrad Wolf”

Mia und der Minotaurus (Florian Schnell)
Mia and the Minotaur 

Feature Film | sehsüchte 2012 | Germany 2012 | Filmakademie Baden Württemberg | 35‘

Best pitch!

Story development programme at a value of 3,160 Euro donated by the Skript Akademie Drehbuch

Laura Lackmann and Miriam Bliese

Audience Award

2,000 Euro donated by the mayor of Potsdam Jann Jakobs

Transpapa (Sarah Judith Mettke)

Feature Film | sehsüchte 2012 | Germany 2012 | Filmakademie Ludwigsburg | 90'